Identified Class Entities

If Your Entity received a Validation Letter in the mail, Your Entity is an Identified Class Entity and does not have to take any further action in order to participate in the Settlement and be eligible to receive a payment from the proceeds of the Settlement. Your Entity’s Claim and payment amount will be calculated pursuant to the Available Data, as described in its Validation Letter, which has been used to pre-populate an online Claim Form on Your Entity’s behalf.

On behalf of Your Entity, you should review for accuracy and completeness the data set forth in the Validation Letter and in the pre-populated Claim Form. For many Identified Class Entities, the list of BNYM ADRs may not represent every BNYM ADR that entity held during the Settlement Class Period. If the information set forth in Your Entity’s Validation Letter and/or in the pre-populated Claim Form is incorrect or incomplete, Your Entity should amend the Claim Form by submitting corrected or supplemental information and supporting documentation no later than June 15, 2019.

Submit Supplemental Claim